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Kamagra is an ED drug of the new generation which has surprised many western pharmaceutical industries since its arrival and affected sales of other ED drugs. Kamagra is not the domestic drug in the UK and Europe which makes the drug elusive for the people living in the corresponding regions. Variety of misconceptions and concocted stories are discussed among people who make this drug an ignorant medical product only due to the lack of information about this drug in the UK.

By ignoring the rumors, if we tend to find out more about the composition of the drug, all the information’s related with this anti-impotence drug can be known and there will be no space left for doubts. As the name of the drug is itself a mysterious term and inexplicable to some extent but the composition of this drug is possible to understand by the general public also.

You can find below some of the facts about Kamagra which can help many people to understand the strength of this FDA approved medication:

1 – “Sildenafil Citrate” is the active ingredient of this medicine which is most important.

The formulation of Kamagra includes a scientifically tested ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate which is a medical compound used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men and highly efficient. It works on the weak erectile tissues of the reproductive organ by dilating the blood vessels present there. Further, it promotes the blood flow through arteries and helps in revitalizing the dead or weak erectile tissues of the sexual organ. Thus when the organ is aroused sexually, the aforementioned process causes the penis to be hard and healthy while involving in the intercourse.

2 – Kamagra and Viagra are not different than each other.

Kamagra might be less familiar name than Viagra for most of the ED patients. Several reports of the FDA and scientific facts clarifies that effects of Kamagra in curing the erectile dysfunction are the same as Viagra’s. Also, both the medicines are formulated by the same active ingredient and binding agents and so their method of working is similar to each other. The difference lies in only the price of these oral medicines where Kamagra costs 7 to 8 times the price of the Viagra in the pharmaceutical market of UK and US.

3 – Kamagra is an OTC drug but what is the reason for its non-availability in conventional pharmacies?

Kamagra is manufactured by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals located in India which is a global pharmaceutical producer. As this drug gets imported from a different corner of the world, it remains unavailable in the conventional pharmacies. It is assumed as the reason for non-prescription of this drug by doctors in the UK and some parts of Europe. But some licensed pharmaceutical suppliers offer this drug through their online websites as Over the Counter medicine. It provides an opportunity for the ED patients to buy Kamagra tablets online without the prescription from a registered doctor.

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