Eriacta Tablets 100mg

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Active ingredient : Sildenafil Citrate 100mg
Medical form : Pill
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Eriacta 100mg Tablets is the most advanced male impotence or erectile dysfunction medicine which helps men to get rid of ED. It is manufactured by Ranbaxy. Due to its fast-acting powers, it is mostly recommended by a doctor for whom having sexual problems or erection problems into the penis. It contains an active ingredient sildenafil citrate which plays a vital role in erection by increasing the blood flow into blood vessels of the penis.

Eriacta – Dosage & Possible Common Side Effects

Sometimes this medication may experience some side effects like Nasal congestion, Irregular heart patterns, Stroke, Vision problems, Flushing, Diarrhea but if you feel any serious side effects, contact your doctor immediately. Mostly, the heavy dosage causes these side effects. So, don’t take more than 1 pill of Eri Acta in a day.

Eriacta Tablets – DO & DON’t’s

  • Take this medication before 30 to 45 minutes of sexual activity
  • Don’t take more than 1 pill within 24 hours (a day)
  • Don’t Exceed your 100mg dosage, it’s maximum for one day
  • Don’t Combine this medication fatty meal, nicotine foods, and alcohol
  • Consult your doctor, if you experience any serious side effects
  • Keep this medication into cool, dry and away from your kids & pets
  • Avoid this medicine, if you have any allergic to sildenafil

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  1. George

    Eriacta pills is great ED medication. I have experienced very nice with it. Thanks.

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